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Why join VFC club?

We believe that through food we can take care of our health and our planet. Because what we eat matters.

Save time and moneyForget about grocery shopping and cooking. Spend your time on what really matters.

Take care of your HealthYou'll feel better after every meal with a 100% plant-based diet.

Take care of the PlanetReduce your carbon footprint by up to 73%, and avoid wasting food.

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Weekly deliveries

Receive your meals at home or at the office every week. From our kitchen to your fridge. 📦 We deliver in France metropolitan area (except Corsica), Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Eat Real, Eat Plant Based. For a better future.

By eating 5 Plant Based meals per week during a year you will save:

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CO2 - 1,000 kg

The equivalent of driving from France to South Africa.

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Water - 620,000L

The equivalent of leaving the shower running for 55 days.

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Soil - 7,000 m2

On which 1500 trees could be planted.

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