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For a better future...

Our mission

The VFC team works hard every day to be able to offer you the best alternatives to feed yourself with the least impact on the planet. Our land is our future. That is why we must learn to take care of it as much as we take care of ourselves.
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Eating 5 Plant Based meals a week, in a year you save:

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CO2 - 1,000 kg

The equivalent of driving from France to South Africa.

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Water - 620,000L

The equivalent of leaving the shower running for 55 days.

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Soil - 7,000 m2

On which 1500 trees could be planted.

But that is not all...

We take care of the food, and food takes care of you.

Without intermediaries, from the kitchen to your fridge.

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Real ingredients

Our Chefs cook with fresh and natural ingredients. You will recognize all the ingredients of your dish. No surprises on the label!

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Take a deep breath

Your food is already done. Plan your meals for the week and don't stress about cooking.

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Feel great

After each meal and ensure a complete diet, rich in vegetables and legumes.

Our Planet

We use, emit and throw away more than the earth can support. We need a food system that minimizes our impact on the environment.

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Food Waste

We minimize excess raw materials in our supply chain and handle leftovers responsibly.

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100% recyclable paper tray

Our trays contain 90% less plastic than traditional packaging and are 100% recyclable.

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Plastic Bank

We collaborate with Plastic Bank. A company that collects, recycles and reprocesses plastic waste from the sea.

Behind the stove...

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VFC is a team that is passionate about its work and its products. We work every day to simplify our customers' lives so they can eat better, effortlessly.