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163_Moroccan lentil salad

Moroccan lentil salad

Lentils, peppers, carrots and zucchini salad deliciously flavored with spices and herbs.

139_Vegetable lasagna

Vegetable lasagna

Creamy lasagna with vegetables and mushrooms. A delight !

125_Mango Curry

Mango curry

Mango & vegetable curry served with basmati rice. A perfect combination of sweet and savory.

164_Tofu with Cous cous

Tofu with couscous and mango salsa

Tofu and vegetable couscous served with a mango sauce and a mix of spices. A delight !

115_Rigatoni with pesto

Rigatoni with pesto

Rigatoni with cherry tomatoes, basil and grilled walnuts pesto. An original and comforting recipe.

155_Heura meatballs in tomato sauce with chimichurri sweet potato

Heura meatballs in tomato sauce with sweet potato and chimichurri

Heura® plant based meatballs in tomato sauce served with sweet potatoes and chimichurri.

166_Pasta and pickled peas salad

Pasta and pickled peas salad

Pasta salad with peas. A fresh and comforting dish.

136_Vegetable wok with rice

Vegetable wok with rice

Vegetables and mushroom wok with soy sauce, ginger, lemongrass accompanied by brown rice.