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105_Risotto with truffles

Risotto with truffles

Risotto with mushrooms and tartufata sauce. Creamy and source of protein.

152_Lentils with curry

Lentils with curry

Lentil & pumpkin curry with coconut milk and ginger. A combination of spices that invites you to travel!

151_ Bolognese lasagna with seitan

Bolognese lasagna with seitan

Creamy lasagna with seitan and carrots. You have to try it !

144_Vegan Chili and whole-grain rice

Vegan Chili and whole-grain rice

Black beans, vegetables & rice with the perfect blend of spices.

167_ Rice and quinoa salad with plant based sobrasada

Rice and quinoa salad with plant based sobrasada

Rice and quinoa salad accompanied by vegetable-style Soubressade. Perfect for getting the summer off to a good start!

157_Argentinian Eggplant Pasta

Argentinian Eggplant Pasta

Eggplant and Rigatoni with an argentinian seasoning. A delight !

153_Wok Heura Teriyaki

Heura® wok with teriyaki sauce

Wok with teriyaki sauce composed of Heura and a mixture of vegetables: asparagus, edamame, broccoli, pepper, mushrooms...

165_Rice with artichokes

Rice with artichokes and vegetable sobrasada

Rice with artichokes and vegan sobrasada.